Dr Allan Harkness

Consultant Cardiologist for Essex and Suffolk


EchoCalc Goes Live

EchoCalc is an “App” for smart Phones. The original version was developed last year for the iPhone by a group of doctors and computer programmers in London. It was released at the October 2011 British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) meeting. The first question asked was “when is it available for Android phones?” I took up this challenge and developed an Android version. I also developed a version for the BlackBerry Playbook and Android tablets. These tablets never took off in healthcare and the tablet version was dropped.

When a refresh of the App was needed in 2019, I set about redeveloping the App for both Apple and Android and this version has proved incredibly popular throughout the world.

I hope this app will be useful to many doctors and echocardiographers around the world, who rely on these measurements.