EchoCalc Goes Live

EchoCalcEchoCalc is an “App” for smart Phones. The original version was developed last year for the iPhone by a group of doctors and computer programmers in London. It was released at the October 2011 British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) meeting. The first question asked was “when is it available for Android phones?” I took up this challenge and developed an Android version. I also developed a version for the BlackBerry Playbook and Android tablets.

If you perform echocardiography and are interested in this app, you can download it from Google Play. You can also download the BlackBerry Playbook version from the BlackBerry market.

get_it_on_play_logo_largeThe BSE are currently presenting at the British Cardiovascular Society Annual meeting in Manchester this week and will be promoting the app. The app is a reference library of “normal ranges” of various sizes of parts of the heart and the pressure measurements that are usually found between chambers of the heart. It also has a variety of calculators to work out these pressures and dimensions and indicate if they are outside of “normal”.

I hope this app will be useful to many doctors and echocardiographers around the world, who rely on these measurements. The app also has a “donate” version that allows people to donate to the BSE charity.

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