Dr Harkness is an author of the following publications:

  • A guideline update for the practice of echocardiography in the cardiac screening of sports participants: a joint policy statement from the British Society of Echocardiography and Cardiac Risk in the Young
    David Oxborough, Daniel Augustine, Sabiha Gati, Keith George, Allan Harkness, Thomas Mathew, Michael Papadakis, Liam Ring, Shaun Robinson, Julie Sandoval, Rizwan Sarwar, Sanjay Sharma, Vishal Sharma, Nabeel Sheikh, John Somauroo, Martin Stout, James Willis and Abbas Zaidi
  • Diagnosis and assessment of dilated cardiomyopathy: a guideline protocol from the British Society of Echocardiography
    Thomas Mathew, Lynne Williams, Govardhan Navaratnam, Bushra Rana, Richard Wheeler, Katherine Collins, Allan Harkness, Richard Jones, Dan Knight, Kevin O’Gallagher, David Oxborough, Liam Ring, Julie Sandoval, Martin Stout, Vishal Sharma, Richard P Steeds, and on behalf of the British Society of Echocardiography Education Committee
    Echo Res Pract June 2017 4:G1-G13; doi:10.1530/ERP-16-0037
  • A safety checklist for transoesophageal echocardiography from the British Society of Echocardiography and the Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthetists.
    Sharma V, Alderton S, McNamara H, Steeds R, Bradlow W, Chenzbraun A, Oxborough D, Mathew T, Jones R, Wheeler R, Sandoval J, Lloyd G, O’Gallagher K, Knight D, Ring L, Collins K, O’Keeffe N, Fletcher N, Harkness A, Rana B
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  • Direct access echocardiography to a district general hospital: are patients being screened appropriately?
    Burton M, Jen S, Harkness A.
    Clin Med (Lond). 2015 Jun 1;15 Suppl 3:s12. doi: 10.7861/clinmedicine.15-3-s12. Epub 2015 May 29
  • Stress cardiomyopathy (Takotsubo) following radioactive iodine therapy
    Anastasia Dimakopoulou, Karunakaran Vithian, David Gannon and Allan Harkness
    Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Case Reports, 8 2015, EDM150053
  • Impact of methodology and the use of allometric scaling on the echocardiographic assessment of the aortic root and arch: a study by the Research and Audit Sub-Committee of the British Society of Echocardiography
    David Oxborough, Saqib Ghani, Allan Harkness, Guy Lloyd, William Moody, Liam Ring, Julie Sandoval, Roxy Senior, Nabeel Sheikh, Martin Stout, Victor Utomi, James Willis, Abbas Zaidi, and Richard Steeds
    Echo Res Pract September 2014 1:1-9; doi:10.1530/ERP-14-0004
  • Systolic Murmur: Query Cause
    Harkness A.
    The Journal of the British Society of Echocardiography 2014:88;9–11
  • Assessment of Restrictive Cardiomyopathy
    From the British Society of Echocardiography Education Committee: Lead Authors: Dr Daniel Knight, Dr. K. Patel, Dr. C. Whelan. Education Committee: Dr Rick Steeds (Chair), Dr Allan Harkness, Dr Richard Jones, Dr Prathap Kanagala, Dr Guy Lloyd, Dr Thomas Mathew, Dr Kevin O’Gallagher, Dr David Oxborough, Dr Bushra Rana, Dr Liam Ring, Julie Sandoval, Gill Wharton, Dr Richard Wheeler
    Available at BSE website.
  • Mass in the left atrial appendage: a therapeutic dilemma
    Natarajan A, Tan S, Patel HN, Chukwu C, Harkness A, Harris S.
    Can J Cardiol. 2013 Oct;29(10):1329.e13-1329.e15. doi: 10.1016/j.cjca.2012.05.019. Epub 2012 Aug 17
  • Cardiovascular magnetic resonance in cardiac sarcoidosis with MR conditional pacemaker in situ
    Quarta G, Holdright DR, Plant GT, Harkness A, Hausenloy D, Hyare H, Moon JC
    J Cardiovasc Magn Reson. 2011 May 3;13:26. doi: 10.1186/1532-429X-13-26
  • Pedunculated left ventricular thrombus presenting with acute ischaemic limb
    Chen Z, Robinson N, Harkness A.
    Emerg Med J. 2008 Apr;25(4):216. doi: 10.1136/emj.2007.049585
  • Morphine for the relief of breathlessness in patients with chronic heart failure–a pilot study
    Johnson MJ, McDonagh TA, Harkness A, McKay SE, Dargie HJ
    Eur J Heart Fail. 2002 Dec;4(6):753-6
  • Online appointment booking to rapid access chest pain clinic
    Findlay I I, Sommerville J, MacIntyre P, Harkness A, Cunningham D, Goldberg B
    BMJ. 2000 May 6;320(7244):1256
  • Implementing a Web-Based Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic: Stress-Testing the NHSNet.
    Harkness A, Bretherton J, Goldberg B, Findlay I.
    Primary Care Network 2000:19;4
  • Biochemical detection of systolic dysfunction.
    McDonagh TA, Harkness A, Dargie HJ, on behalf of the other authors.
    Lancet 1998:351;1063-1064
  • Cardiac medication and brain natriuretic peptide.
    Harkness A, McDonagh TA, Lawrence AW, Morrison CE, McMurray JJV, Dargie HJ.
    Eur HJ 1998:19(Suppl);447
  • Nurse led secondary prevention post MI—Can it meet our aspirations?
  • Harkness A, Whyte M, Cunningham AD, MacIntyre PD, Findlay IN.
    Scottish MJ 1999:44;23-24
    Presented at the Scottish Cardiac Society 7th AGM, 12th September 1998
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to secondary prevention post myocardial infarction: Can it meet our aspirations?
    Harkness A, White M, Robertson I, Moretti L, MacIntyre PD, Findlay IN.
    Presented at the Consensus Conference on Lipid Lowering to Prevent Vascular Events. Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh 17–18th March 1999
  • An integrated multi-centre angiography database and reporting system.
    Harkness A, Moretti L, Cunningham AD, MacIntyre PD, Findlay IN, Dargie HJ.
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  • Brain natriuretic peptide does not exhibit diurnal variation in patients with ischaemic heart disease or heart failure.
    Hannah AH, Murdoch DR, Clements S, Harkness A, Morton JJ, Dargie HJ.
    Eur HJ 1999:20(Suppl);325
  • Multiple cardiac manifestations of Behçet’s disease: A case report.
    Harkness A, Pithie A, Chako A, Moretti L.
    Presented at an international symposium on “Vasculitis—Aims of Therapy” at Queen’s College, Cambridge, 10–11th September 1999
  • Symptoms in Chronic Heart Failure.
    Johnson M, McDonagh TA, Harkness A, Green M, Dargie HJ.
    Palliative Medicine 2000:14;327-328
    Presented at the Palliative Care Congress 27–29th March 2000 at the University of Warwick
  • Online appointment booking to a rapid access chest pain clinic.
    Allan Harkness, Janey Sommerville, David Cunningham Paul MacIntyre, Iain Findlay
    Presented at the CRAG meeting, Scotland on 29/11/2000
  • Assessment of a protocol driven, web-based, rapid access chest pain clinic.
    Allan Harkness, Janey Sommerville, David Cunningham Paul MacIntyre, Iain Findlay
    Presented at the British Cardiac Society, 24th May 2001
  • Assessment of a protocol driven, web-based, rapid access chest pain clinic.
    Allan Harkness, Elaine Roberts, Paul MacIntyre, Stuart Hood, Barry Goldberg, Iain Findlay
    Presented at the Scottish Cardiac Society, 7th September 2002