Dr Allan Harkness

Consultant Cardiologist for Essex and Suffolk

Patient Feedback

Patient FeedbackAs part of ongoing appraisal and revalidation, in March 2015, Dr Harkness undertook a patient feedback survey. Every patient he saw personally in his NHS clinic for 2 weeks was asked to fill out a questionnaire following their visit. The results were anonymously collected and summarised by the Trust. Two standard questions were:


I am confident about this doctor’s ability to provide care – 100%

I would be completely happy to see this doctor again – 100%


All 41 patients surveyed replied yes to both questions.

Patients were asked to leave comments if they wished.

The following are all the unedited comments:


Wanted to try all possibilities to improve my health after conferring with me
Very good

Very happy with my visit

I was very happy with all the care I got today from everyone.
Thank you

Very helpful

First class

Very understanding


Very happy with Dr Harkness.
He has been excellent from the beginning of my treatment

I have seen this doctor on three occasions and each time he has talked to me clearly about treatment and explained everything that has/is happening.
I am grateful for his time and trouble

Very polite and informative

Good work

Very polite, explained everything very well

He made me feel at ease, most helpful

Very helpful and considerate

Very friendly